G4 Pro Marketplace
About G4Pro Marketplace

G4pro offers an online e-procurement system providing over 1 million lines of equipment ranging from Industrial, Emergency/Domestic Response Equipment, Law Enforcement and Safety Gear to all clients through a virtual environment.

"One Stop-Shop Ordering and Delivery System"

OUR GOAL is simple and straightforward; provide a robust on line market place for Local, County, and State Agencies, Authorities and Others to meet their daily operational equipment needs.

How Does It Work?

The G4 Pro Marketplace allows purchasers access to the G4 Pro Marketplace Platform containing a variety of suppliers from which to purchase.

1. Request Account & Login

Sign up for a purchasing account and select suppliers.

2. Shop Suppliers

Click on the supplier from which to purchase.

3. Purchase

Place orders directly with G4Pro and meet your SDVOSB 6% goal.

Why G4Pro

  • Simple and Robust virtual marketplace that is focused on your mission support needs

  • Immediately meets your SDVOSB 6% goal

  • Items on State Contract

  • Provides a marketplace research platform to allow clients to find products to meet their everyday and emergency operations needs